With the BTV-4 the sound flows naturally without loss and we could almost say that it is impossible to distinguish whether the source is wireless or not. It’s a clear sign of the commitment Margules has to its listeners, as we truly believe that wireless sound can and should be enjoyed without compromise.


It has an integrating analog filter that guarantees high performance. Its connectivity makes it an essential and practical component to complete your configuration: just connect the BTV-4 to the power outlet and the analog output to any auxiliary input and you can immediately synchronize your phone, tablet or computer to let the music is present in the whole environment.


The BTV4 is a wireless Bluetooth receiver designed to enjoy your music conveniently and without quality loss. It decodes digital files of many types to turn them into an excellent sound experience, especially when handling high-resolution files. At this point, it becomes a genuinely high-performance device, thanks to its analog integrator, exclusive to Margules.

This analog integrator does the magic in this receiver: it is built and designed with discrete elements and does not use the fearful feedback in its process, thus achieving the house’s typical sound.


The BTV4 is the ideal complement to any sound system, providing great flexibility and convenience. It also can process APTX® to create the high-resolution experience that all audiophiles crave.


The BTV4 can decode:

■ aptX, SBC, MP3 and AAC decoder support Audio Interfaces

■ Audio codec with two high-quality dedicated ADCs

 ■ Supported sample rates of 8, 11,025, 16, Bluetooth Receiver

 ■ Receiver sensitivity of -90dBm

■ Integrated channel filters

■ Digital demodulator for improved sensitivity and cochannel rejection

 ■ Real-time digitized RSSI available to the application

 ■ Fast AGC for enhanced dynamic range

■ Bluetooth v4.0 specification support

 ■ HFP v1.6 wideband speech (HD voice ready)

■ HSP v1.2

 ■ A2DP v1.2

■ AVRCP v1.4

 ■ Support for smartphone applications (apps) Improved Audio Quality

■ Near-end audio enhancements (noise suppression and AEQ)

■ Packet loss concealment

 ■ Bit error concealment

■ mSBC codec support for wideband speech Music Enhancements



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  • Due to interoperability issues with third-party products, unless this purpose is explicitly expressed.
  • Due to damage resulting from incorrect installation, connection or packaging.
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How to request warranty repairs

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