The perfect sound space can be created and we are experts at it. At DAS (Design of Sound Atmosphere) Margules we develop ambience and sound immersion projects for public and private spaces.


Development of the sound and video project for the promenade and the esplanade with more than 10,000m2 of surface, with independent amplification for continuous function.


4 line arrays
600w per channel in treble
Double 400 watts per channel in subwoofer
Weather and extreme climates
Large format and multipurpose cinema


Design and sound setting of Elly’s restaurant, where diners can enjoy their dishes and fresh pasta while enjoying a selection of Andrés Herrán’s vinyl records through a 100% analog system.

26 SAL-3 speakers
24 amplifiers in 9 zones
2 TT-10 turntables
A Rotary analog mixer



Bar Bósforo

Without a doubt one of the great mezcalerías in CDMX, Bósforo combines one of the best selections of mezcal with one of the richest music collections in the city.

To enhance this combo of elements, MARGULES® installed a suitable system with 6 SAL-3 Pro and a double Subwoofer to translate the variety of flavors and sensations produced by mezcal into emotions that enter through the ears.


Its name means “place among many stones” in Nahuatl and it is located in the mythical neighborhood of Jardines del Pedregal. It was here that the architect Luis Barragán created the stables of Casa Prieto, today a cultural center that includes a restaurant, a wide collection of vinyl, spaces for relaxation and Yoga and more.

The project was developed thinking of creating a harmonious link with the diner, who through a bluetooth connection from their smartphone can access the album catalog.


18 amplifiers in 9 zones
30 speakers
1 cabinet
1 turntable.


We installed an ambience sound system so that diners can enjoy their variety of pizzas and their delicious beet salad while an excellent catalog of rock and folk music accompanies them.

Amplification system with wireless control in 5 zones.
16 SAL-3 speakers with 4 subwoofers.


Mezcal and good music? A perfect combination. Casa Buen Viaje understands well the value added by this combination and that is why we commissioned the installation of a sound system with bulbs to create a warm and tasteful environment.

The project was developed thinking of perfecting the harmony and the experiential experience for a greater enjoyment of good food and good mezcal.

1 bulb amplifier
4 speakers
1 turntable

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