ANA® (Acoustic Neurologic Alignment) technology is a Margules design philosophy that focuses on prioritizing the harmonic structure over the fundamental tone in order to establish an emotional bond.


This technological advancement is based on the theory of engaging sound.


The concept of engaging sound is the one that generates a relationship between the sound emission source and the receiver, based on primary instincts in which nearby sounds keep our attention to the distant, where the components of the harmonics are as or more important than the fundamental tone. The harmonic structure gives us the information of what is sounding and how far away it is.


Today the design priorities and evaluation measurements are based on the deviation of the fundamental tone and do not take care of the harmonic structure that gives the tonal characteristics and the information of sound source geo-position.


Changing the design priorities, drives to have different circuit topology and test methodology, and this narrows the disparity between technical characteristics and sound personal perception experience