ANA® (Neuro-Acoustic Alignment) technology is an innovation by Margules that focuses on a model of configuration and coupling of immediate and close sounds in order to establish a link between them and humans.
This technological advance is based on the theory of seductive sound (attractive sound).
The concept of seductive sound has an intimate relationship with the way our brain decodes sound wave information through the ears: when sounds are close to the immediate effects on our survival instinct, due to the relationship that exists between their perception, the distance in which to perceive them and their intelligibility. Sounds far away, even when intelligible, do not catch our attention and can be easily ignored.
Our ANA® technology is designed to achieve realistic sound with an appropriate frequency response, low distortion and precise harmonic reproduction, optimizing the relationship between your ears, the way your brain processes sound, and our intelligent engineering so that You can enjoy your music in ways you have never experienced before.