To meet its design goals, the Kin incorporates a fully discrete preamp and amplifier with an output stage configured as class AB +, as well as a remote control for convenient operation.


This amp includes a phono preamp so you can listen to your Margules-style vinyl.


The Kin concept is based on the idea of ​​creating a home amplifier with the ability to meet the needs and audio standards of a professional recording studio.


The Kin incorporates a fully discrete preamplifier and amplifier with an output stage configured as class AB + and remote control for the convenient operation to meet its design goals.


This amp includes a phono preamp so you can listen to your Margules-Style vinyl playback.

All amplifier coupling is direct and avoids using critical capacitors to improve the response, distortion, and transients’ speed.


The circuit takes care of the delicate use of negative feedback. It includes high-quality elements coupled with a very stable configuration to achieve the Margules sonic signature, a high resolution, with revealing richness sound that allows you to perceive any recording details.


The aesthetic design integrates wooden elements that give this amplifier characteristics that visually complement its organic sound concept.


Amplifier plus preamplifier technical characteristics:


Power @ 8 Ohms load 70 Watts/channel

@ 4 Ohms 110 Watts/channel


THD Distortion 0.02%

Consumption without signal 30 Watts

Frequency response 10- 30,000 Hz

Maximum aux input noise 0.22 millivolts


Phonostage (MM)

Gain 40db

Input impedance 47 K Ohms


Maximum Consumption

with 4 Ohms load on the 2 Channels 380 Watts


Number of inputs

Two line level inputs.

One Phono (MM) level input. 


Weight 8 Kg



Width 43 cm

Height 9.5 cm

Depth 32 cm



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