They offer a faithful reproduction of the sweet and warm sound of Margules that harmonizes with the architecture of the spaces.


They can be mounted on wall brackets or on pedestals, making them ideal for Sound Atmosphere Design (DAS) projects in public and private places with the characteristic instrumental detail of the Margules Sound.


ANA® (Alineación Neuro-Acústica).


La tecnología ANA® (Alineación Neuro-Acústica) es una innovación de Margules que se centra en un modelo de configuración y acoplamiento de sonidos inmediatos y cercanos con el fin de establecer un vínculo entre ellos y el ser humano.


Este avance tecnológico se basa en la teoría de sonido seductivo (engaging sound).


El concepto de sonido seductivo tiene una relación íntima con la manera en que nuestro cerebro decodifica información de ondas sonoras a través de los oídos: cuando los sonidos son cercanos generan efectos inmediatos en nuestro instinto de supervivencia, debido a la relación que existe entre su percepción, la distancia en que los percibirlos y su inteligibilidad. Los sonidos lejanos, aún cuando son inteligibles, no llaman nuestra atención y  pueden ser ignorados fácilmente.


Nuestra tecnología ANA® está diseñada para lograr un sonido realista con una respuesta en frecuencia apropiada, una baja distorsión y una precisa reproducción armónica optimizando al máximo la relación entre tus oídos,  la forma en que tu cerebro procesa el sonido y nuestra ingenieria inteligente para que puedes disfrutar de tu música de formas que nunca antes habías experimentado.


Respuesta de frecuencia:

50 Hz-20 khz


Potencia recomendada:

30 a 120 watts



88 dB/W/m



4 ohm



5 kg c/u


Dimensiones (alto, ancho, largo):

40 cm x 15 cm x 20 cm




MARGULES products are designed and manufactured to last. MARGULES GROUP MEXICO S.A. DE C.V. guarantees free services (exceptions may apply) and spare parts in any country in which an official distributor of MARGULES operates.




For more information, contact the relevant national distributor.

This warranty complements any national or distributor legal obligations and does not affect your statutory rights as a customer.

This warranty:


It is only valid for products purchased through an authorized MARGULES retailer or distributor.

It is valid only for original products. MARGULES will not return any products you receive for repair if it is determined to be a counterfeit. The sale and distribution of counterfeit products is illegal. It takes effect from the date of purchase and is valid for a period of five years for passive and electronic speakers, one year for amplified speakers, electronic components of wireless reception and digital conversion and 90 days for spare parts (bulbs), with the exception of exclusions applicable in certain countries in accordance with their national laws. Request detailed information from your country’s MARGULES dealer.

It is limited to repairing the equipment (which could be fixed or replaced at our discretion, without affecting the original warranty). The warranty does not cover transport or other costs, nor do it cover risks for the transfer, transport and installation of the products.


It is only valid for the original owner. It’s not transferable.

It will only be valid if they are defective or manufactured materials existing at the time of purchase, and will not be valid in the following cases:

  • Due to the deterioration of the parts of its components, which are worn or depleted with use, such as bulbs, sleeves and remote controls.
  • Due to interoperability issues with third-party products, unless this purpose is explicitly expressed.
  • Due to damage resulting from incorrect installation, connection or packaging.
  • Due to damages caused by any incorrect use described in the instructions, negligence, modifications or use of parts that have not been manufactured or authorized by MARGULES GROUP MEXICO S.A. DE C.V.



  • Due to damage caused by defective or inappropriate auxiliary equipment.
  • Due to damage caused by accidents, electricity, water, heat from fire, war, public disturbances or other causes beyond the control of MARGULES GROUP MEXICO S.A. DE C.V. and its official distributors.
  • For products whose serial number has been modified, deleted, deleted or unreadable.
  • If repairs or modifications have been carried out by unauthorized persons.


How to request warranty repairs

If you have any questions about the performance of your product, perform the following procedure:


Call the MARGULES dealer in your country of residence. In case of Mexico call MARGULES.

You will find your contact details by clicking “margules.com” at the bottom of the page and selecting the relevant country.

Our representative will clarify all your doubts. If it is necessary to return the product for repair, you may be given a return authorization for the goods. You must not return the product without this authorization, in case it is obtained.