The Margules turntable protractor allows you to make the following adjustments:


  • Protractor’s Alignment relative to the tonearm axis
  • Vertical Tracking Angle
  • Azimuth
  • Stylus Overhang


Like all the Margules products, the Turntable Protractor comes with a five-year limited warranty on parts and labor.


Terms and Conditions


The warranty does not cover any damage, wear or malfunctioning caused by lack of compliance with the operation specifications included with this equipment, or any of those resulting from:


  • Accidents, natural disasters or events that happens due to natural causes.
  • Misuse, abuse of or negligence regarding the equipment.
  • Fault in the initial set-up and installation, incorrect maintenance, and/or inadequate cleaning of the product.
  • Repairs, modifications, or renovations performed by people or companies not expressly authorized by Margules Audio.
  • Damage during shipping, transport, packaging, or manipulation of the equipment. In this case, all damage claims must be submitted to the carrier company.
  • Any other cause not attributable to a manufacturing defect of the product.


The warranty covers exclusively the expense corresponding to labor and the material necessary to the repair or, give the case, the substitution of the equipment (at the discretion of Margules Audio), and thus it does not extend to:


  • Accessories, including but not limited to: batteries, cables, mounting hardware, brackets, furniture, cleaning accessories, antennas or dismountable feeding cables.
  • Shipping costs in case the owner needs to return the unit to Margules Audio for the purpose of service or repair of a possible defect.


The warranty shall be void if:


  • The serial number of the equipment has been altered, modified, or deleted.
  • The product has been purchased from a person or company that is not an authorized distributor of Margules Audio.


This warranty extends to products directly purchased from Margules Audio or an authorized distributor.


In case of doubt regarding the scope of the warranty or if you need technical support, call the numbers you will find on our website www.margules.com.