— “I hear real music in here.” Simply beautiful. Ten Attention Getting Rooms at the 2024 Florida International Audio Expo – Tracking Angle

«Designer Julian Margules has something going on with his electronics. A number of rooms used his electronics at this show, and I noticed excellent musical flow and engagement in all of them. I spoke at length with Julian about his design philosophy, which he calls ANA (Aligned Neuro-Acoustics.) He studies how humans perceive sound. Here is a link to an interesting paper about this work.

On display was his 30th Anniversary U280 amplifier ($12,000) and his SF220 Special edition Preamplifier ($8,000) powering their Margules Overture Century loudspeaker ( $19,900)

I had been in the room for a few minutes when he played Montserrat Caballe singing Hijo de La Luna. People who were previously talking in the room went quiet for the entire five-minute song, except for one person who walked in from the hall saying, “I hear real music in here.” Simply beautiful.»


Ken Redmond – Tracking Angle



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