— This was an all-Margules system, and it sounded fantastic. Margules Audio at FLAX 2024

Margules Audio | FLAX 2024


This was an all-Margules system, and it sounded fantastic. It’s rare in my experience that a system from one brand can truly stand out. Small manufacturers generally specialize, right? Stretching resources to make speakers, amps, and DACs is often a recipe for failure—but not for Mexico City–based Margules.

The 30th anniversary version of the U-280 SC amplifier ($12,000, all prices in USD) is an all-tube, KT88-based design with auto-biasing that can crank out 25Wpc in triode mode, although the flip of a switch changes it to 50Wpc in pentode mode. For this demonstration, Margules was running the amp in triode mode, powering a pair of brand-new-for-the-show Overture Century speakers ($19,900 per pair). The Overture Century contains an AMT tweeter and a 6.5″ midrange-woofer with a cone made from multi-laminated papyrus.

The dynamic snap that the Margules folks were getting out of this pair of (admittedly large) bookshelf speakers was startling. Crisp start-stop transitions through the midrange and an open, airy, unforced treble combined to present a miles-deep soundstage, floating images far beyond the boundaries of the speakers…


Jason Thorpe – Sound Stage Global




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